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Update from Upper Deck

Posted on March 21st, 2023 @ 12:00pm by Joe.

Upper Deck has provided the below update in regard to the Neopets Weekly Series.

They are still working on updating the images so that the best product possible is released.

Additionally, a reminder that in order to claim the achievement cards that you can receive for completing full sets, the full set needs to still be in your e-Pack account, so it is best to wait to redeem your cards until the end of the release.

Click here for the newest update on Upper Deck's site.

Click here for the original release information.

Click here for previous updates on the pausing of the release.

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New Convention Exclusives

Posted on March 8th, 2023 @ 5:00pm by Joe.

Update 3/30: Virtual Items are now wearable!

Update 3/24: Virtual Prize Codes have been fixed, but the items are not yet wearable. If you have previously redeemed your code and received the wrong item, hang tight, they are working on it! Virtual Prize Codes for these items are currently not awarding the proper items. Please hold off on redeeming while Neopets and WYP work to quickly resolve the issue.

What’s Your Passion Jewelry will be attending both WonderCon (Anaheim – March 24th – 26th) and MEGACON (Orlando – March 30th – April 2nd) and have seven exclusive pins (6 pets and 1 petpet and each comes with a code for an exclusive virtual item!) and an exclusive lanyard (that's free with any $50 Neopets purchase and limited to 300) available at both shows and online at (March 24th 12:01 AM Eastern – April 2nd 11:59 PM Eastern) while supplies last.

They have shared a sneak peek of four of the pins:

Update 3/20: The remaining items have been shared!

Add them to your collections/Wishlists here and Be sure to grab yours on March 24th!

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Tarot Card Decks Shipping

Posted on February 9th, 2023 @ 6:45am by Joe.

Update March 9th: The exclusive virtual prize has been revealed! Geekify hopes to start sending codes out late this weekend.

Neopets Tarot Cards

This morning Geekify provided the following update about their Tarot Card Decks:

We can't wait!

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Trading Card Releases Paused

Posted on January 23rd, 2023 @ 4:42pm by Joe.

Update (1/31/2023): Upper Deck has provided an update

Already owned digital cards can now be redeemed for physical cards again.
These cards will still be needed to complete the Paint Brush Achievements at the end of the program so if you are planning on completing the set, you should wait until the end to have everything shipped.
Packs will still be limited to 499 per week and staying at $5.99 per pack.
No eta yet on next drop as they are still working with Jumpstart/Neopets on some details.

View full details.

As a result of the feedback received by the Neopets Community, Upper Deck has decided to put future trading card releases on hold. They are working with The Neopets Team and will inform the community of updates.

We’ll share more info as we receive it.

Update (1/24/2023): This morning physical redemption has been turned off for cards people already own. (Their redemption status now reflects as “pending.”)

View full details.

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Neopets Trading Cards Launching Tomorrow

Posted on January 16th, 2023 @ 10:00am by Joe.

A new Neopets Trading Card series from Upper Deck will be launching tomorrow at 9am NST on!

A new pack will be released each Tuesday for the next 9 weeks containing 3 different base cards (for a total of 27 in the base set) and one of three Baby variant cards (27 total.) Some packs may also include rare Faerie variant cards (1 in six packs – 27 total), Code Cards with a code redeemable for a virtual item on (1 in 12.2 packs), or even rarer Printing Plate cards (one in each colour (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) for each card)!

There are also achievement cards available for collecting certain sub sets.

Upper Deck e-Pack features a hybrid of both digital and physical trading cards. The site allows you to collect and trade digitally, and then redeem certain digital cards for physical copies.

All cards in this set will be eligible for physical card redemption. You must own the digital copy (and it must not have been previously redeemed!!) in order to claim the printed version. (A shipping and handling charge applies.) Digital cards may be traded within the app in order to complete your sets before redemption. Caution: Always check to see that the card you are trading for has not yet been redeemed before trading for it.

Only 499 packs will be available for sale each week at $5.99 per pack, so they are sure to go fast!

Update: Week 1 packs sold out in 12 minutes.

Here is the full info from Upper Deck:

We are excited to announce that an all-new product, 2022 Neopets™ Weekly packs, is coming soon exclusively to Upper Deck e-Pack®! 2022 Neopets™ Weekly packs will kick off on 1/17/23at 9:00 am PT and will run for 9 weeks. Cards will feature your favorite creatures from the world of Neopia.

2022 Neopets™ Weekly packs are limited to 499 and will be made available in the Upper Deck e-Pack® store every Tuesday at 9:00 am PT for 1 week only or until all 499 packs sell out.

Each pack will contain the following (on average) – 

  • Three Base Set cards exclusive to that week (27 total)

One of three Baby Paintbrush Variant cards exclusive to that week (27 total)

Select packs may contain one of the following randomly inserted cards that will fall as a bonus fifth card in packs.

  • Faerie Paintbrush Variant (1:6) (27 total)

Printing Plate (#’d to 1)

Code Card (1:12.2)

Neomerch Note: You need to redeem the digital Code Card for the physical version in order to get the code. it is printed under a scratch off panel on the physical card.

Build Sets and Earn Achievement Cards

Darigan Paintbrush Achievement

  • Collectors who acquire a complete 27-card Base Set and elect to redeem it will receive one randomly awarded Darigan Paintbrush Achievement card. (9 total)

Mutant Paintbrush Achievement

  • Collectors who acquire a complete 27-card Baby Paintbrush set and elect to redeem it will receive one randomly awarded Mutant Paintbrush Achievement card. (9 total)

Product depicted for demonstration purposes only and is subject to change without further notice.

Packs will no longer be available to purchase from the store the following Tuesday @ 8:59 am PT. 

There is no limit to the number of packs you can purchase in total each calendar week, but only 3 packs may be purchased in a single transaction.

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