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Valentines, Anniversary, and More Gold and Silver Pins!

Posted on January 21st, 2024 @ 5:00pm by Joe.

What's Your Passion Jewelry has shared a peek at their next batch of pins which are launching on February 1st!

Three Valentines pins (open edition), four gold and silver exclusives (only available until Feb 11th), and three 25th anniversary (limited edition) designs are launching, as well as a Valentines lanyard (only available until Feb 11th)!

The Anniversary pins will be UV printed instead of enamel. the metal is three dimensional and the image is printed on top of it, giving them a really cool look! (They have also provided a reference photo of Ari's hand the Grundo to show how they look!)

Click here to see all designs.     Click here to purchase.

All will be available online at and each comes with a virtual prize code! (Valentines are tier one, Anniversary have a brand new prize pool, and Gold/Silver will have their own items just like in the past)

Lanyard is free with a $45 purchase or available for sale, but only until Feb 11th or while supplies last.

Update 1/31: All Neopets Jewelry will be 20% off from Feb 1st - 11th! You will also get a free Neopets 2024 Calendar with any $65 purchase! (while supplies last, until Feb 11th)

Update 1/29: a note from WYP about the Prize codes for the Exclusive Gold and Silver and Anniversary pins.

The Neopets team is hard at work developing all of the new prizes for both new collections. Please note both the silver and gold pets as well as the anniversary pets will have a notice on their labels: “DO NOT REDEEM UNTIL FEB. 14” We want to ensure that the majority of people will have their physical merchandise in time for Valentine’s Day so we are preemptively informing everyone. Should we receive word that the prizes are active sooner, we will update all forms of communication with anyone who purchased. 

Here's the full details from WYP.

WYP MERCH ALERT - 11 new designs launching February 1st @ 12:01 AM EST (Jan 31, 9:01PM NST)

Valentine’s Collection: Ixi, Kougra & Ona Pins + Lanyard

Convention Exclusive Collection: 4 new pets with unique and exclusive wearable codes! Acara, Krawk, Nimmo & Peophin. Available for purchase only from February 1st through February 11th.

25th Anniversary Collection: Limited Edition 3D UV-Printed Pins. First up is Grundo, Lupe & Usul. New and exclusive prize pool for this collection!

Gift With Purchase: Limited Edition Valentine’s Lanyard. Available for purchase and/or free with a Neopets purchase of $45 or more. Gift with purchase is only available from February 1st through February 11th. While supplies last.

SHIPPING: Orders will begin shipping out February 5th

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