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Neohood/Calendar Shipping Update

Posted on January 5th, 2024 @ 4:00am by Joe.

Update 1/16: Neopets has sent a followup email with a link to a google form to submit if the username for NeoCash in the original email you received is incorrect. It needs to be submitted before January 21st (if you dont fill it out, NeoCash will be sent to the account listed in the email.) Click here for the form. Order issues (wrong or missing items) should still be sent via support ticket, selecting “Merchandise” as the inquiry type.

Neopets is in the process of sending out the below email to everyone who ordered Neohoods and Calendars. It includes tracking numbers for your shipment (even if your hoods have already arrived) as well as a note that they are sending everyone who ordered 500 NeoCash as a way to say thank you for supporting them with this (less than perfect) launch.

Please CHECK this email as some folks are finding that the NeoCash is being awarded to an account other than your main, in some cases the account has been frozen or even purged. If you need to submit a ticket for this or any other reason related to the Neohood sale, be sure to select “Merchandise” for the “Neopets Category” so that the ticket goes to the right folks.

(I don't need the NeoCash, but they can totally send me one of those really cool themed shipping boxes!)

Happy New Year, fellow Neopian,

As many of you know, there have been some unforeseen issues with the delivery of Neohoods and 2024 Neopets Calendars. 

From missing tracking codes to delivery delays, it seems there were a few issues with our shipping partner caused by a miscommunication between our teams. These issues have since been resolved, but we know this has been really frustrating every Neopian affected. We are deeply sorry for inconvenience and appreciate the patience you showed us while we worked towards a solution.

Below you’ll find the tracking number for your order. If your Neopets merchandise has not yet arrived, you can use this to keep an eye on shipping progress on the carrier’s website.

As a thank you for your support, we're throwing in 500 Neocash (NC) to be awarded to the Neopets account associated with your original payment: 

The NC should land in the above account no later than 26 Jan 2024. If the NC hasn’t shown up by then, please reach out to our team by submitting a customer support request.

Again, we're terribly sorry for the stress these shipment issues have caused. Rest assured that we’ve learned from this experience and will work hard to ensure a smoother sales experience in the future. 

With gratitude,

The Neopets Team

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