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Usukicon Swag Bag Update

Posted on January 5th, 2024 @ 1:00am by Joe.

Geekify Inc. has provided the following update about their Usukicon Swag Bag that is available for preorder.

Hey Neopians!

Happy New Year! Hope you're doing well and that your 2024 is off to a great start! We wanted to give you an update and let you know that you haven't been forgotten in the slightest - we've been plugging away at the UsukiCon bags since our last update. 

Most of the components are completed, and the main sticking point is the Usuki doll keychain itself, as the "piece de resistance" of the set. Since it's not a printed component the way most of the components in the bags are, everything is going slowly for the production and subsequent approvals to get it looking right (and to make it to the quality level we want). We've got some plans to make some other molded Neopets keychains in the future (Faerie Kadoaties, anyone?), so this is proving invaluable for learning what to expect from future projects, it's just taking time, a fair amount longer than we'd anticipated (each iteration with our manufacturer takes about three to four weeks between passes, and the end of year and holiday season to boot. We don't have a firm answer on timeline just yet (waiting for next steps for approvals/production), and as Chinese New Year is about to muck things up for a few weeks on top of everything else, but we're hoping for end of Feb or so for the project. 

Since we've had some "idle" time between iterations, we've also stuffed a few other components and goodies to the bag that we think you'll enjoy, to help round out some of the contents (and help with the wait time). We've also gotten confirmation that the codes for the bags are for a unique wearable that can be worn by all Neopets. They were finishing the artwork for it a bit ago, and should be ready to be released once the bags themselves are done.  

Thanks for your patience along the way - the Neopets merch fanbase isn't huge, and part of the experimentation process to make some of the more unique and unusual stuff for our fellow Neopets fans involves a learning curve for new item types and for doing smaller runs (and an abundance of time, like the Negg squishies). 

For those interested too, we'll be having an announcement about the upcoming Neopets tabletop RPG in a week or two.

As always, if you need to update your order, please just let us know! 


John and the Geekify crew

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