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More Merch is coming!

Posted on September 6th, 2023 @ 6:30pm by Joe.

During this evenings AMA with Domenic Law (Neopets CEO) he briefly discussed Neopets Merchandise and some of their plans going forward.

Mr. Law first spoke of their plans to revamp Neopets Shop. He was not able to provide any ETAs (a lot of work has been done though) but as part of that they are looking to “make [Neopets] merchandise a lot more available to people outside the US and Canada.” so are looking into better shipping options for people around the globe.

They are also working on new merchandising and licensing as a main pillar of their strategy for Neopets. There will be a large release to celebrate Neopets 25th anniversary in 2024.

He went on to say that merchandise takes from 6-18 months “from the time the ideas are finalized until the time the merch hits the shelf" and they are still pitching ideas to get new licensees on board.

Mr. Law then shared a sneek peek of a sample of some upcoming merch that he just received.  It's a Kacheek hat and the ears flip when you squeeze the tassles! No info, but he said they were planning on doing a giveaway soon.

Update 9/7: Neopets has just shared this video on their socials. They also advise that we stay tuned on September 13th for a Merch Giveaway!

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