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Welcome to!
Soon to be a complete database of every piece of
Neopets merchandise ever released!
Items will be added constantly until the database is complete!
News and Updates
Neopets at SDCC
Posted by: Joe
On May 21 2019 7:17:48pm NST
Neopets has announced that they will be returning to San Diego Comic-Con this year with a host of new activities and an Afterparty celebrating their 20th birthday!

Like last year, new merch will be available at the show!
Going to be at the show? Send us photos and we'll showcase them right here!
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Neopets CryptoQuest
Posted by: Joe
On October 18 2018 2:15:48pm NST
In conjunction with Fan Bits and Overpowered, Neopets has launched a has just announced CryptoQuest. These are a series of virtual trading cards which are backed by a blockchain (think Bitcoin) so they are always yours or can be traded/sold for real money. This first series will only be available until November 4th and each card comes with a virtual prize code (not exclusive items) in addition to an exclusive code for collecting certain sets of cards.
visit for more information.
The full series has also been added to our database.
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Baby Neopets Pins!
Posted by: Joe
On May 15 2018 1:10:22pm NST
Overpowered has just announced a new line of Baby Neopets Pins!
You can preorder them now on their website to receive a bonus Virtual Prize code when they release in June!
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New Merch!
Posted by: Joe
On March 15 2018 3:00:22am NST
Neopets has just announced a new partnership with for a new line of Keychains and Enamel Pins! The best part is each item comes with a Virtual Prize Code! Scorchio, Shoyru, and Kacheek are available now, but more are coming soon!
Click here to order!
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We're Back!
Posted by: Joe
On January 13 2018 8:05:54pm NST
We're Back!

Real life got in the way a bit, but we're back! There are still a few kinks (admittedly I just rewrote code that failed instead of rebuilding the site from scratch) The forum is still down and because user accounts are tied to the forum, currently anything that involves logging in is down. In the interim, if you run into anything insane, feel free to shoot me a message (the contact form works and alerts me via text message!) If you notice any items missing from the database feel free to shoot me message (photos are great too!) Items that are showing but without a photo - the photos exist, the database just ate them. I'm working on it!

and in case you missed it, the secret Neocam is still in the Box of Clockwork Grundos.
Click it to check it out!
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